A couple days ago the Waterfront team attended the 2015 National Achievers Congress in Sydney with the promise to come out the other side with an insightful advantage to success and wealth. We were told we would learn:

  • How 1% entrepreneurs are revolutionising their business
  • How your psychology shapes your success
  • Custom models for creating more wealth in less time
  • Success through balance in all aspects of your life



We all met on a chilly Spring morning and headed into the Qantas Credit Union Arena, coffee and snacks at the ready! First up, Michelle Bridges had us squatting at 9 in the morning, something we definitely weren’t expecting to enjoy quite so much. Michelle did a great job of getting us motivated, inspired and passionate about where we want to take our careers in the future (and about going for a run that afternoon). All jokes aside, Michelle did a great job of getting her points across in a likeable and genuine way. One of our favourite points from her presentation was J-F-D-I! Just Freaking Do It!


We did endure a few sales pitches from property investor Shaun Shelton and publisher Gerry Robert, although they were entertaining all the same. A stand out to the Waterfront team was CEO of Catcha Group – Patrick Grove. His personal story of rise, fall and rising again had us enthralled and eager to hear his secret tips to succeeding in the difficult world of an entrepreneur. A key insight we took from his presentation was the importance of ‘Pivoting’ in business and in life to succeed – reinventing and reinvigorating what you’re doing to keep up with the market and remain current – “companies that were doing the same thing 10 years after starting, are no longer here”.


The day finished with a inspiring and entertaining Q&A with Sir Richard Branson himself. Escorted to the stage with rather attractive Virgin Airlines flight attendants, Branson lightened the mood with a laugh, cutting off his host’s tie (reporter, Ben Fordham).  We were delighted to be given some insider knowledge into the projects that are in the works for Branson as well as his plans for the future. Again, ‘pivoting’ seemed to be an integral component to Branson’s success in so many sectors.


We wanted to share what we took out of the day for you to hopefully inject  a little inspiration and motivation into your day.

Our Top 10 Tips from the day are:

  1. Always look forward, don’t look back
  2. Give everything you can to solving a problem
  3. Praise people – much like water a plant…if you water it grows. If you praise people respond!
  4. Have the right attitude – be a WIT person…whatever it takes!
  5. Invest in yourself and your learning
  6. Pivot regularly – moving and adjusting to get more out of your business and out of yourself
  7. Perseverance
  8. When you take action – you get the wheels in motion. A plan only works when there is action
  9. JFDI – Just F***ing Do It!
  10. Consistency, consistency, consistency – chip away at it and JFDI


Written: Penny Constanti