It’s the Superbowl of advertising today, and whatever you think of the US Football- (and you thought cricket was a slow game!), it’s an event like no other on the planet- where the half time entertainment, and the TV commercials are as much the news as the players. We’ve poured over the spots from this years Superbowl, and have to say its not one of the best years for celebrity ads. Having said that there are two clear stand outs, featuring two legends that not only cut through but leave you wanting more.


Budweiser – Helen Mirren’s “Give A Damn”

Funny, strong, sexy and she is 70…but im not messing with this Superstar.

Here she is having a bud and a cheeseburger, calling out drunk drivers in a way that makes it so uncool, you wouldn’t even think about it. This works so much better than the shock horror tactics of successive governments.

“I sum it up like this: If you drive drunk, you—simply put—are a short-sighted, oxygen-wasting, human form of pollution.”

Not your typical Superbowl spot but kudos to both Bud and Helen. Great execution.

Kia Optima- Christopher Walken- “Walken Closet”.

This is my favourite ad so far this year, but anything with Christopher Walken has a massive head start.

Car ads are so hard to make interesting as they all essentially say the same key messaging…In this spot it’s the fight against beige acrs, and CW highlights all the features that make the Optima anything but beige. Its cool, its funny and it works so well.

Kia wins it from us….

Dishonourable mentions…Massive fails to Pepsi, Amazon and Squarespace

Don’t bother watching Janelle Monae’s Pepsi generations spot, Alec Baldwin- Amazon Echo, and the real talk spots from Squarespace.

Great lessons that just putting a celebrity in a commercial isn’t enough…

– Sean Pickwell, Director