Sam Kekovich

Bayer have created a new promotion and campaign around Sheep Lice. Their objective for the promotion is to position Bayer as the experts in lice control and to encourage the farmers to register and receive advice from the Bayer area managers on best practice lice management.


The target market for this promotion is 45-70 year male farmer who wears many hats – veterinarian, economist, banker, mechanic, entrepreneur and common labourer. The campaigns characteristics were to include a grass roots, Aussie, rural tone of voice.


To find the perfect front man for this campaign, Waterfront worked with Bayer and our Brand New Media production team to select the great Lambassador himself – Sam Kekovich. Kekovich fit the brand and would engage well with farmers. He also already had an established lamb campaign, giving him a strong association with sheep.


Waterfront was responsible for securing Sam Kekovich for the role, facilitating the negotiation; from approaching Sam, coming to a final agreement and securing final sign off.


The proof is in the pudding in terms of the success of this campaign as well as the partnership between Waterfront and Brand New Media. A witty, intriguing, trust worthy and visually exceptional piece of content has been delivered, exceeding the client’s expectations.

The Great Aussie Lice Challenge