Motor Neuron Disease

Macquarie Health Clinic and MND research asked us to develop a compelling online and event film piece, highlighting the need for fund raising for MND research.

Our task was to tastefully and significantly show how MND impacts families and the lifestyle of those living with MND. The most respectful and appropriate answer was to tell the truth, and to do this we decided to track the life of someone who lives with Motor Neuron Disease – Adam Regal.

The video was launched at Macquarie’s major fund raising event of the year, and encouraged donors to give generously.

In sharing Adam’s story to raise funds for clinical research, we had to manage a very delicate balance. The key was respect for Adam and his family whilst we told the story. Diagnosed with MND at the age of 31 and now facing an uncertain future with his wife Kylie Regal and their 2 children, we depicted how the family is living with a loved one facing an incurable disease, and yet managed to cover it in a way to still appeal for funds from potential donors.

The end result was a sensitive and beautifully crafted video, tracking Adam’s personal journey, the interaction with his clinicians at Macquarie Hospital, and the challenges he faced, ultimately encouraging Australian’s to join the search for curing MND by donating money.

“The night was great. Final numbers are not in, but we raised over $100k. The video was a cracker.  Not a dry eye in the house. Thank you so much for your help”

Professor Dominic Rowe, Macquarie University

“I think you guys have done an amazing job”

Megan Pope, Development Manager Medicine Macquarie University

MND Fundraiser Piece