Waterfront was engaged by Care Pharmaceuticals to develop the Hydralyte brand strategy and express the proposition in a consumer advertising campaign.

In response to the Hydralyte challenge, our strategic approach to Care Pharmaceuticals addressed

  1. Brand planning and strategy, including brand workshops and research
  2. Creation of a brand tool kit and style guide
  3. Strategy to drive brand growth
  4. Advertising – Television and Digital



Prior to Waterfront’s engagement Hydralyte enjoyed majority market share in the re-hydration category. This was predominantly driven through usage in response to sickness, vomiting and diarrhoea (70% of product usage).  Whilst clearly a success, the brand has historically communicated at a functional level.

To meet the brand  ambitions of doubling the size of the brand in four years, Hydralyte needed to reposition itself  as a broader rehydration product, and appeal to wider audience across multiple usage occasions.

Working hand-in-hand with the Hydralyte team, we developed an emotional brand essence, expressing the core of what the brand stands for to ‘help keep life flowing’.

Hydralyte believes in ‘making your world better’ by keeping people hydrated and as result they feel and perform better.

The brand position expresses Hydralyte ‘as the hydration expert scientifically formulated to hydrate you faster than water alone, giving you the edge to keep life flowing. Put simply, a hydrated body is a happy body.’ 



The strategic brand work culminated in an advertising campaign that went to air in late July 2016. Waterfront’s brand work and strategic development led to making the statement that Hydralyte  ‘hydrates you faster than water alone’ and appeal to the multiple usage occasions of an upset stomach whilst travelling, if sick or suffering the effects of excessive alcohol, where people want to ‘feel better sooner’.


Feel Better Sooner with Hydralyte