Dr. LeWinns

Anna Bamford



Dr. LeWinn’s approached Waterfront to secure an ambassador that could portray the right brand values and characteristics of Dr. LeWinn’s products.

The ambassador needed to have specific traits such as being sophisticated, intelligent, authentic, credible and beautiful as well as an already well-known Australian celebrity. The desired front person would become the ambassador featuring in above and below the line advertising as well as participating in live appearances and interviews.

Using Waterfronts talent market knowledge of availability, pricing and accessibility, along with the strong relationships, we were able to provide a wide selection of candidates that matched the brief.

Dr. LeWinn’s selected Anna Bamford, best know for her role as Miranda on the hit TV show, Wonderland. This led to her 2014 TV WEEK Logie nomination for the Most Outstanding Newcomer.

The ambassadorship began in July 2016 and has proven to be a winning partnership.


Every day is a performance, especially for my skin. For me, research is essential to improving both, and mine has always led me straight to the Dr.

Anna Bamford

Dr. LeWinn’s

Eternal Youth TVC