Bioglan Superfoods

Stephanie Rice

When launching effectively a new product segment into the health category, Pharmacare decided an ambassador strategy was the fastest ways to attribute the right brand values and characteristics to their new range of Bioglan Superfood.


The ambassador needed to embody a healthy lifestyle – a well known nutritionist, chef/ cook or healthy living advocate.  The desired ‘front person’ would feature in above and below the line advertising, be able to actively promote the range to the public, and comfortably participate in live appearances and interviews.


Through our broad relationships and market knowledge of talent availability, pricing and accessibility, we were able to provide a wide choice of options to meet the brief, were available and within budget. Pharmacare selected Stephanie Rice, three time Olympic Gold medallist and world record-breaking swimmer as the brand ambassador for the range. We of course did the rest and secured Stephanie to launch and represent the brand.


The TVC launched in 2014 and quickly established Bioglan Superfood as a new product with credibility in the health category.

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Featuring Steph Rice