Last Friday, it was a privilege to be part of the AIM Excellence Awards judging panel for NSW – Manager of the Year. Together with 4 other judges, we met with the seven nominees, each who had been nominated by their organisation, for this award. The seven finalists were each recognised by their organisation as having exhibited excellence in management and leadership over the past 12 months, and presented themselves to the judging panel without any knowledge of the questions they were to be asked, during an intense 40 minute interview process.


The process was based on assessing the talents of each nominee across a range of key management and leadership criteria, with each judge independently scoring the candidate and final scores confidentially collated to reveal the winner.


The process highlighted the diversity of management talent across corporate and government organisations and the esteem by which each of the nominees are held by their staff and organisations. In each instance, candidates exhibited a balance of leading their organisation through change, the importance of financial stewardship, developing their own personal brand and networks, their strategic agility and flexibility (ability to pivot their organisations through the change process), ability to innovate and the demonstration of resilience through challenging times. Each candidate was worthy of their nomination and represented themselves and their organisation particularly well on the day however, the final winner was Gillian Vickers – Manager for Education and Care Services – Campbelltown City Council.


Gillian exhibited exceptional skills, energy, ambition and dedication to her role and has led her team and her organisation through tremendous change, by leading, managing and working collaboratively to implement her strategic plan for the future of Child Care Centers managed by Campbelltown Council.


David Borean, Managing Partner